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  • Reduces pain and inflammation from plantar fasciitis
  • Provides instant relief from arch strain
  • Improves ankle/foot function & endurance
  • Made with hypo-allergenic materials
  • Perfect for those allergic to sports tape
  • Ideal for people with sports tape allergies


  • Comfortable Elastic Bandage
  • Fits In All Shoes
  • Durable & Washable
  • Medical Grade
  • Continuous Tension
  • Wickable Fabric Draws Skin Perspiration
  • Available in Small & Large

The Plantar Fascial splint is a padded ankle strap about 3″ wide and shaped to fit easily over the top of your foot. Attached to this strap is a comfortable elastic band that runs from one side of the ankle, under the arch of the foot and is connected by velcro on the other side of the ankle.

This band provides the necessary support needed for healing of plantar fasciitis. It provides continuous elastic tension and pressure to reduce the pain associated with inflammation due to plantar fasciitis. It is a simple way to reduce pain, strengthen the muscles of the foot, arch and lower leg, as well as stretch the Achilles tendon to provide relief and prevent future discomfort from the plantar fasciitis.

Unlike shoe inserts, t​his support maintains tension even when barefoot, so the first step out of bed in the morning will be a lot more comfortable. This continuous tension reduces painful inflammation and allows the calf and foot muscles to relax during exercise.

(Courtesy Footcare Solutions)