Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to help re-align, support and improve the function of the foot. Orthotics fit comfortably in your shoes and may be prescribed for the treatment of heel pain, plantar fasciitis and many other foot or lower limb conditions.

At Local Podiatry in Gungahlin and Bruce we use the latest cutting-edge orthotic technology with advanced orthotic design software, using a Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufactured (CAD/CAM) system. We are able to manufacture polypropylene, EVA (soft or firm rubber), and 3D printed orthotics.

2dorthotic 3dorthotic

The benefits of 3D scanning technology include:

  • No messy plaster casts.
  • The foot can be scanned weight bearing, semi-weight bearing or non-weight bearing, held in its correct position.
  • The 3D computer model allows us to customise your orthotics to suit your prescription, such as adding a heel raise for a short leg.
  • Your foot scans are stored if you require additional pairs.
  • We prescribe customised orthotic devices according to the contours and structural characteristics of your feet.

How Orthotics can help:

  • Support your feet and legs whenever weight bearing to increase confidence and sports performance.
  • Improve chronic and acute sports injuries.
  • Improve weight distribution and posture.
  • Optimize shoe fit and comfort and absorb shock.
  • Alter abnormal foot functioning position to correct many common foot ailments or prevent them from getting worse.
  • Help your child’s foot grow in more neutral or anatomicaly aligned position.
  • Eliminates low back pain from leg length inequalities.
  • Improve your balance.